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Breakdancing to be an Olympic sport in 2024 for some reason

I was all about the “Breakdancing is not a sport” argument when I first read about the move.  Now I feel like, you move more than curling and you aren’t that far off from gymnastics. So have at it!  My apologies for a misleading headline. I’ve changed my stance.

The International Olympic Committee announced that competitive breaking had been selected for inclusion in the 2024 Paris Olympics.  I spaced out as soon as I read that because the thought of seeing breakers doing their thing in some Parisian courtyard caused some sort of cultural orgasm in me.

Anyway, yea. It’s true. Break dancers will be flooding into the city of lights in 4 years to compete for medals.

Antonio Castillo, a breakdancer who runs Competitive Breakin’ League, has been tapped to be the first coach of the US Breaking Team.  That’s pretty cool actually.  He is already training his 2024 team and right now they’re just babies!!! It’s crazy.  Pics of the kids both up top and below.

I bet Antwerp is our biggest competition.