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Find your holiday spirit with every Kardashian Christmas card available

Are you struggling with the financial strain often caused by the holiday season often? Has the burden of seeing family multiple times over a 2 month period drained the ever loving soul from you?  Have you simply stopped wearing fitted clothes and opted for sweatpants till gorging season is over?

Find your holiday spirit by basking in the glow that is a Kardashian and or Jenner Christmas smile in a win fall of greeting card goodness.

You’re likely aware (if you cared enough to click into this post, at least) that each year the Kardashians and the Jenner come together, often via photoshop, to take the mother of all Christmas cards.  But has it always been such a spectacle?  Kinda, yea.

Sometimes they’re with Father Robert and his wife, Jane, who he married after Kris and sometimes they’re with Mom and Caitlyn Jenner.  And some years they had soooo many pictures sosorrytobombardyouuuu….