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Grab your anxiety meds. PewDiePie is leaving Youtube

I know.  Who needs to hear such shocking news so close to the holidays, but it’s true.  PewDiePie is ready to take a leaving YouTube.  For a while, at least.

The Swedish YouTube star, born Felix Kjellberg, 30, announced in a video posted on Saturday that he was going to take a break from the platform, saying: “I am taking a  break from YouTube next year. I wanted to say it in advance because I made up my mind. I’m tired. I’m feeling very tired, I don’t know if you can tell.”

He declined to go into more detail, telling his fans that he just “wanted to give a heads up” for now.

The social media personality’s announcement comes after his house was ransacked in a home invasion earlier this month.

“Our house was broken into and they took 90% of my valuables, from my jewelry, to luxury goods, and special items I’ve been collecting over the years. It’s all gone,” his wife, Marzia Kjellberg, said on Instagram at the time.

“I know it is very materialistic, and should be happy with what I was left/have. But I can’t hide the shock and sadness with all being taken away, just like that.”