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Tinsley Mortimer engaged to Scott Kluth

There was a time when the name Tinsley Mortimer was synonymous with the social elite.  She was THE it girl at every high society function.   Then she progressively went down hill till she found herself on Housewives of New York and getting arrested for trespassing on her ex boyfriends property.

These days Tinse has been trying to reup her brand and to do so she’s found herself a man to attend functions with.

Businessman Kluth proposed to Tinsley in his home town of Chicago.  I guess this is bye bye to NYC, hellow housewives of Chitown!

The big moment happened as Christmas carolers sang by the steps of the Chicago Water Tower.

“Scott’s apartment is close to where the carollers were,” according to a source. “They were walking to dinner to and they saw these carollers, and they broke into Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years,’ which is their song. It took Tinsley a few seconds to figure out what was going on, but then Scott got down on one knee. He’d organized the whole thing with the carollers in advance.”

“She was totally surprised,” the source continued. “Her friends sort of knew something was coming, but it really did take her by surprise. Scott asked her mom’s [Dale Mercer’s] permission, so their families knew, but it was a surprise to her friends.”