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Ex Idol contestant blaming show for her recent drug bust

I don’t doubt that being a contestant on American Idol is enough to drive a person to drink.  It’s hella stressful and the constant torment from trolls must be exhausting.  With that said, lets not make is a viable defense for drug trafficking, okay?

Antonella Barba, who appeared on the show in 2007, says that being and the show and the move to LA were the start of a downward spiral from which she has yet to come out.

The former Point Pleasant, N.J. resident pleaded guilty in July to charges of fentanyl possession with intent to distribute and is begging for leniency ahead of her Nov. 21 sentencing.

In the 18-page filing, Barba’s attorney says that after making it to the final 12, she was devastated by being cut.  She couldn’t come to terms with her lack of success.

In 2018, Barba was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder and narcissistic personality disorder, according to the filing.

“The most probable reason that Ms. Barba finds herself before this Court is that her inability to come to terms with her lack of success in the entertainment industry exacerbated her then undiagnosed mental illness,” the filing states.

Oh brother.

She’s in court today, so stand by.