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Kristen Bell told her kids their teeth would fall out

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have two kids. Delta and Lincoln.  And like a every kid on the planet, they were Frozen fans.  So how does the start of frozen keep her kids from spilling the beans about what happens in the soon to be released sequel? Threats.

Bell, 39, was joined by her Frozen II co-star Idina Menzel on Jessica Shaw’s Sirius XM show on Wednesday, where she admitted that she told her kids ‘everything.’

In an effort to ensure they’ll keep all of the secrets to themselves, Bell revealed she told her daughters, six year old Lincoln and four year old Delta, that something horrific would happen if they talked about it.

‘I told my kids everything. I was in the mood to be a cool mom and I tell them all the time. I tell them two things. Number one, all your teeth are gonna fall out,’ she said, adding that is, ‘the best thing you can say to a kid.’

Menzel chimed in and said her teeth falling out was her, ‘recurring nightmare,’ with Bell adding, ‘that’s why it’s so funny to say to them.  And number two was, OK I came home and I was like, “OK, here’s what happens,” after I read the script,’ Bell added.

‘And then it occurred to me that I’m in breach of my contract, and I’m thankful now that it’s out that I can no longer get sued by Disney.’

Lol. She’s so damn cute. Her and Dax together… I swoon over those Samsung ads they do together.