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Kanye West offering 45,000 free tickets to his Sunday service

Let me start by saying “Free tickets to church! Yippee!” and then by asking… wait, isn’t church always free?

Anyway, Kanye got some flack already for taking his mobile Sunday services to Joel Olsteen’s church in Texas. Joel is widely considered a charlatan who rakes in millions every year.  He also caught heat when he refused to open the doors of his mega church, which seats 16,000, to those in need of a place to go during hurricane Harvey.

But back to the case at hand. West will perform with his 120 strong Sunday Service choir this weekend.

He’ll talk with Osteen earlier at the 11am service Sunday for about 15-20 minutes ‘about Kanye’s journey to his faith,’ Donald Iloff, Jr., a spokesperson for the church, told the Houston Chronicle.

With a stampede expected, the church has contacted Ticketmaster with a view to offering free tickets to the first 45,000 takers from Friday, TMZ reports.   Ticketmaster. For church.  The mind reels.