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Actor Charles Levins body found partially eaten by vultures

This is just a nightmare.  Charles Levin was an actor in the 80’s and 90’s.  He was best known for his role on Golden Girls and Seinfeld.  He was discovered dead in July at the bottom of a ravine in July.  But now some terrible details are coming out.

The 70-year-old comedian, who went missing in late June, was reportedly dead for days when his remains were discovered in a remote part of Oregon. His  body was discovered naked without “external genitalia present” and partially consumed by vultures at the bottom of a slope.

The badly decomposed body was found 30 feet down a steep slope of a remote mountain, leading authorities to believe he fell down a ravine while trying to get help, the report said.

Levin was reported missing by his son Jesse on June 28. The actor had reportedly called a friend that day to say he was lost near Cave Junction, Oregon.

The body was found on July 13 without “any obvious sign of injury,” the report said.

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety wrote in a gruesome report that Levin’s body was found naked and “there were no signs of external genitalia present.” His head was still attached to his body, per the report, but there was “significant decay around the mouth” exposing his jaw.

“Signs of animal scavenging likely in the form of turkey vultures” led police to believe vultures had eaten some of his body.

Levin’s body was identified using dental records and the coroner declared the death “accidental.”