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Sharon Stone suing singer over song ‘Sharon Stoned’

Sharon Stone hasn’t been in the news much lately so I would almost think she’d enjoy a name check from up and coming rapper, Chanel West Coast.  She does not.

Sharon filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court on Monday while also seeking a “preliminary and permanent injunction” against the song ‘Sharon Stoned’ and its video.

Stone, 61, accuses the 31-year-old rapper, real name Chelsea Chanel Dudley, of trying to ride the actress’ “extraordinary level of popularity and fame” to “enhance her stature as a rapper.”

“The Song gratuitously and repeatedly uses the name ‘Sharon Stone’ in its lyrics,” the lawsuit says, calculating that more of a quarter of the track “consists of nothing more than Defendant Dudley repeatedly saying the name ‘Sharon Stone’ in mantra-like repetition.”

“Defendant Dudley gratuitously repeats the name ‘Sharon Stone’ 33 times and the name ‘Sharon’ 99 times.  Wow. Are there other lyrics? How long is this song?