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Alex Trebek goes on Jeopardy contestants podcast

So of course none of us like to think of a world without the great Alex Trebek and his nightly quizzings. But should the worst come I will accept no other host than a member of the super group, the Jeopardy Champions. And my top 3 votes are (my love) Buzzy, Ken Jennings and the bartending genius, Austin Rogers.

Apparently Alex himself has an affinity for the champ because he honored him with a visit to his podcast, “A Lot to Learn with Austin Rogers”.

The long-time game show host did not speak about his illness but instead spoke about how he spends his time when not working on the show.

The 79-year-old revealed that most of his free time is spent on home improvement.

“I love fixing things,” Trebek told Rogers as they began their discussion about his recent renovation of his wife, Jean’s bathroom.

“It all seemed to have worked out pretty well,” Alex boasted about the new washroom.



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Update: Our handyman host has been hard at work on Jean’s bathroom since Valentine’s Day. Great work, Alex!

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