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Matt Lauer turns up in daughters Tik Tok videos for first time in months

So Matt Lauer, of course, is the disgraced Today Show anchor who was one of the first major star to go down in the explosive series of METOO outings in 2017.  Since then his wife has left him and he’s basically been unseen unless you were in the Hamptons scoping out boats this summer.

Now he’s reappeared in the strangest of places. In his 14 year old daughters Tik Tok videos.

The Dailymail, natch, ganked a copy of one such video where Matt and daughter Romy are having a good ol time dancing, working out (I think??) and just having fun.

In one video Lauer is seen dancing to Chance the Rapper’s hit Hot Shower with his daughter wearing a white hoodie and sweatpants as he busts out some impressive choreography.

In another video he lip-syncs with his daughter to the song Big Fun from Heathers: The Musical.