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PETA blasts Bieber for spending $35,000 on designer pets

Designer pets are gorgeous. Let’s be real. Bengal and Savannah cats are amazing. They look like small cheetahs. I had a friend who had one named Jenga and honestly, he was lovely. With that said… Spending anywhere from $1000 – $35,000 on a cat, while cats are put to death every minute, is baffling to me.

Clearly it baffles PETA as well because they’ve set their sights on Justin Bieber and the pair of Savannah cats he bought wife Hailey recently.

On Thursday, Justin Bieber asked his 119 million Instagram followers to follow his cats too as they lag behind with just 139,000 followers. I will admit that the names Sushi and Tuna are adorable. But back to PETA…

PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange: “Justin Bieber could inspire his fans around the world to save a life by adopting a cat from a local animal shelter — rather than fueling the dangerous demand for hybrid cats, contributing to the animal overpopulation crisis, and proving that when it comes to helping animals, his stance so far is ‘I don’t care.”

Here here!  Not to mention, this kid had a monkey that he just abandoned in Germany after being there for a tour.  So his love for his pets seems to last as long as it’s convenient for him.



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