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NostagliaCon will depress, but also amuse you

Corey Feldman and Sean Astin

NostagliaCon is a thing now. The first ever of it’s kind kicked of this weekend in Anaheim, California and it very much comes with a feeling of sadness.  People who come out to conventions to be gawked at and likely hear “who?” 1,000 times so that they can get a few bucks taking selfies.

Stars like Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, Christopher Lloyd, Val Kilmer, and Cindy Williams.

Loni Anderson and Howard Hesseman of 80s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati, were among the first to arrive, as well as Laverne & Shirley’s Cindy Williams, Dallas stars Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, and Charlene Tilton and CHiPS actors Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox.

The convention charged $55 for general admission and $130 for VIP access, but guests were forced to shell out cold, hard cash for photos with celebs since no credit cards were accepted.

The average cost to have an 8×10 photo signed by the star was $40, while an autograph plus selfie with the celebrity was $60. Actually, that’s not a bad haul.

Lets gawk from home: