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Former Sen. Al Franken returning to showbiz

Al Franken was a well respected comedian and an even more respected Senator when he was ousted as one of the first round to pay for their sins via the #MeToo movement.

Franken has said he regrets leaving his position, which is did mostly voluntarily in support of the movement, but returning to that world just isn’t an option now.

Now he’s signed on with SiriusXM radio to do a weekly show starting this weekend on Sept 28th.

“I’m excited to be back on SiriusXM, which carried my Air America show back in the day,” Franken said in a statement Wednesday. “The Al Franken Show” weekly radio show will air on SiriusXM Progress Channel 127.

“Listeners can expect a mix of guests from my comedian friends like Chris Rock, to my political pals like former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, to policy experts on the issues in play in 2020,” the host and namesake continued. “When I’m interviewing Harry or former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, I’ll be the funny one. When I interview Rock or Patton Oswalt, I’ll be the one who served eight-and-a-half years in the Senate,” he joked.