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Amanda Knox and Lorena Bobbitt team up for crime festival

Lets start by asking if you know these ladies? Yes? No? Amanda stood trial (twice) in Italy on suspicion of murdering her then roommate back in 2007 in some crazy sex rage. She was acquitted. Or at least Italy’s version of it.   Bobbitt? Lorena Bobbitt was famous for cutting off her husbands penis in 1993 after enduring what she said was years of abuse by him.

So that’s an odd pair to be hitting the speaking circuit together, but it’s happening.

The two are joining a true crime festival which will be featured on the Sundance network.  They’ll give audience members insight to their feelings on the justice system and being the target of sensational headlines in the media.


Knox made the announcement on her social media Wednesday and praised Bobbitt Gallo.

“I’m so excited to take the stage with a woman who has survived and transcended an abusive husband, tabloid exploitation, and the casual cruelty of an entire nation,” she wrote.

“Lorena Gallo is an inspiration, and we’re going to talk about everything we have in common,” Knox added.