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Britney Spears son gets protective order from her father


L-R, Seasn Preston, Britney, Jayden

I’m so confused by all that’s going on in the Spears homes.  I was always so respectful of Jamie Spears, Britney’s father.  He had taken control of things years back when Britney went ape shit and started beating paparazzi cars with her umbrella.  But these days dad Jamie has been accused of everything from holding Brit against her will to now abusing his 13 year old grandson, Sean Preston.

What we know is that on August 24th Jamie Spears and his grandson, Sean Preston, had gotten into and argument. Preston ran to his bedroom and locked the door, at which time Jamie broke down said door. That’s when he allegedly grabbed Preston and “shook him violently”.

The Boys father, Kevin “KFed” Federline, went immediately to police and within 3 days young Preston AND his 12 year old brother Jayden were awards restraining orders against their grandfather.

Britney and Kevin just made a new custody agreement where the kids are with KFed 70% of the time and Britney 30%.  Now maybe he’ll even keep a closer eye on things, since there seems to be little stability in the Britney camp.