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Pete Buttigieg turns down Tom Ford

Pete Buttigieg, my personal favorite in the insanely over crowded democratic primary line up, is too cool for even the hottest designers.

Tom Ford, designer to the wealthy and famous, met Mayor Pete at a lunch recently and he says he noticed his suits were ill fitting. The were too baggy and actually made him look smaller than he actually was.

Tom said he sent a text to Pete’s husband, Chasten, and offered to help restyle the politician to have a more commanding appearance.

To his surprise, he was told NO.  Well, the caps were my doing. They didn’t yell.

But Tom told Vogue it’s all cool. “Obviously he can’t wear my clothes. They’re too expensive, they’re wrong, they’re not made in America. And besides, whatever he’s doing is working. So does anyone need to fuck with it?”  Word.