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Vetements Awkward Wardrobe malfunction at Spring 2020 Debut

Fashion house Vetements, known for making the “people of walmart look” not only trendy, but also very expensive, pulled a weird and kinda perverted move during the release of the Spring 2020 line by way of an on purpose wardrobe malfunction.

You may recognize their previous releases like the Titanic hoodie worn here by Celine Dion, which retails for $885, and went totally viral across social media. The brand has since come out with a necklace that looks exactly like the one ROSE drops in the ocean in the end of the movie, Celine has also been seen wearing it.

Cilene Dion Vetements Hoodie

The new look Vetements went for was a too short shirt worn with no pants..which could very well be a nod to Britney Spears and her partying days..

vetements wardrobe malfunction

Now apparently what we’re seeing here is a “bunched up nude legging” which I find very hard to believe. Vogue later ran images of the runway show with this image photoshopped to cover the models sack of “bunched nude leggings” between her legs.

vetements wardrobe malfunction