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Jessica Simpson writing Memoir with Harper Collins

So ok.  I’m trying to determine if this could be interesting or not.  We know there’s a ghost writer, because Jessica is in no way capable of writing it on her own.  She’s proven many times that she is scarcely intelligent.  And don’t tell me how she created a billion dollar business because I applaud the hell out of her, but doubt she had any role beyond name recognition and choosing from others ideas.

BUT, she’s a republican celebrity and that’s a rare unicorn in these parts.  That, if she’s honest about it, could be very interesting.

I know she’s going to talk about her marriage to Nick, but then again, they did that on tv. And as for why they broke up? They barely knew one another when they married. Her Southern Baptist ways meant they couldn’t have sex or live together before marriage.  That’s a recipe for disaster.

So in conclusion… I’ll wait for a Dailymail to spill the beans. lol

The official description:  “From her popular television show ‘Newlyweds,’ to a very public divorce, starring on the big screen and topping the Billboard charts, finding new love, raising a family, and running a successful business empire, her new book will be a candid, inspiring, and behind-the-scenes look at how she chose to learn from each difficult moment, evolve musically, become a more fearless businesswoman, and consistently shatter all expectations of who she was ‘supposed’ to be.”