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Look Who’s Talking is coming back

You loved it, you hated it, you watch it whenever it’s on.  So Sony Pictures is gambling that you’ll pay to see it again, but with different actors.

The movie follows a new mother (Kirstie Alley) and baby trying to make ends meet in the big city.  But wait, there’s a catch! The baby talks! You heard me.  But only the audience can hear this baby and he’s voiced by Bruce Willis.  I know. Mind Blown.

If this shit is really new to you I have to plead that you remember we didn’t have that much in the way of good film in the late 80’s.  We were pretty thrilled with this.  Then came a sequel, but this time Roseanne Barr was the baby. Don’t look for that casting to happen in this case.

So far no casting details, but it Kirstie Alley gets her way, she will BE in this. Believe it. She wants in and will do it for scale.