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Lohan’s show + club shuttered, Lo reacts typically

yesterday Page 6 reported that Lindsay Lohans terrible MTV “reality show” was cancelled.   Adding salt to the wound, the night club where it’s shot is also closing.

The club where the show was shot is in Greece and is actually owned, at least in part, by Lohan.  So you can imagine she was pretty salty.

Enter Page 6, all exposing this shit.  That pissed LiLo off.

Says page 6:

The “Mean Girls” star posted (and deleted) an Instagram picture of four random kids writing, “If you want a true story [Page Six] travel to #Istanbul and write something real for once .?.?. Children that need attention which I work with and none of you writers try and help. Families that loose [sic] limbs in Syria and you write crap stories about celebs.”

So yea. mad. lol.  I think Linds is confused about what Page 6 does.