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Ariana Grande donates ATL show proceeds to Planned Parenthood

TMZ is reporting that Ariana Grande has once again donated show proceeds to a charitable cause.

Grande’s June 8th show in Atlanta Georgia was a sold out crowd and generated an estimated $300,000 for the singer.  Now that hardy sum will go to the Planned Parenthood organization.

The move is significant (and likely in response to) the fact that Georgia is one of the backwards states that passed the “fetal heartbeat” abortion law.  The new restrictions have triggered a call for a boycott of the Peach State, and some entertainment companies have already pulled the plug on production.

The heartbeat laws promise to become a lightning rod in the upcoming presidential election.  The laws are already being challenged in court and it’s a virtual certainty the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on its constitutionality. The new laws are a direct challenge to Roe vs. Wade, which set vastly different standards for the right to an abortion, and with the 2 new SCOTUS Justices, the deck may now be stacked.