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Sephora closing all US stores 1 day after Sza racial issue

Last month there was an ugly incident at a Sephora in Calabasas Ca. that is forcing all Sephora stores to close Wednesday of this week for ‘inclusion training’.

Last month singer Sza reported she was racially profiled while shopping at Sephora in Calabasis.


Now the make up chain is taking action by closing all stores, business offices and warehouses to train it’s employee’s how not to profile people and be more accepting.  I think if that’s an issue for you, no work admin class is going to change that, but maybe I’m being cynical.

Sephora responded to SZA’s complaint in two separate tweets, writing that they were sorry to hear of her experience and appreciated her bringing it to their attention.

“We want to let you know we take complaints like this very seriously and are actively working with our teams to address the situation immediately,” the tweet read. “You are part of the Sephora family, and we are committed to ensuring every member of our community feels welcome and included at our stores.”