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Adam Levine plays bat mitzvah?

He sure will. If you’re famous enough.

Adam Levine was kind enough to play the wedding of pal Adam Sandlers daughter, Sadie. According to Sandler himself on Jimmy Kimmel.

Sandler, appearing shocked that Levine agreed to perform at the celebration, said he reached out to the singer because he wanted to “do something special” for 13-year-old Sadie’s big day.

“I start texting Adam Levine, who’s a great guy,” Sandler said of their conversation just days before the Jewish coming-of-age ritual. “I say, ‘I’m sorry to do this to you, but my kid’s getting bat mitzvah’d Saturday night. Would you mind coming and singing a few tunes? It would be incredible.’”

Levine, 40, agreed and performed three songs with his band’s lead guitarist, James Valentine.

Sandler, 52, said the bat mitzvah venue was actually familiar to Levine. “He goes, ‘I used to go there growing up. I went to a bunch of bar mitzvahs when I was a kid,” Sandler said of their texts.