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Chris Kattan says Lorne Michaels made him have sex for a job

Wow, this story is just … wow.  If the sexes were reversed here we would be calling for these peoples heads.

So Chris Kattan, the SNL actor that I never “got”, says that when he was in the process of making the movie “Night at the Roxbury” the director, Amy Heckerling, propositioned him for sex. He declined. The next day boss Lorne Michaels calls and tells him that Amy is talking about backing out of the film!

In his new book “Baby, Don’t Hurt Me” (great title, btw), Kattan says Lorne advised, “Chris, I’m not saying you have to f–k her, but it wouldn’t hurt.”

Kattan alleged that ultimately he and Heckerling had a consensual sexual encounter on the couch in her office.

“She thought it would be fun to have sex on Lorne’s desk,” he wrote. “Wow, what a great idea! Jesus Christ. I said a polite ‘F–k, no!’ to that, so we ended up going to her office and having sex on … yep, you guessed it, the ‘casting couch.’ ”

That is seriously fucked up. An SNL spokesperson denied Kattan’s claims saying, “This did not happen.” Show reps also said that the publisher never contacted them to verify the claims from the book.

Doesn’t matter. It’s out there now. Maybe it will be like with Moby’s book and Kattan will start making apologies soon.  If not, someone should.