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Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are ovah

Damn it. I liked these two, and not just b/c I live in Philly and enjoy having a Kardashian Jenner type come into town on occasion.  But it’s donezo.

Sources said that at the same time a new Australia Vogue cover story dropped — quoting supermodel Jenner saying of potentially marrying Simmons, “Maybe. Definitely not now, but maybe one day” — Simmons was partying solo in Atlantic City, NJ, with pals.

Simmons was spotted with friends at Kuro at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino celebrating a pal’s birthday.

We hear that the group later turned up at Scores, and that there was buzz among Ben’s entourage that he and Jenner called it quits last week.

Another source familiar with the couple said they have broken up.

Adding fuel to the rumors, Jenner was posting some cryptic Instagram Story posts the same night — including the new Tyler, the Creator tune, “I Don’t Love You Anymore” as well as lyrics to another of the rapper’s songs, “Puppet,” which includes the line: “I wanna call you and talk.”

Sources said Simmons’ crew included a “tall, supersexy brunette.”