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10 Weird and Funny Celebrity Hairstyles

Many celebrities are adventurous and when it comes to hairstyles, they can rock anything from extensions, locks, to bangs. Some love to go for a quick chop with the best trimmers from to achieve a more youthful look. Over time, celebrities have gone for hair transformations that dominate the headlines for being weird and funny.

Here are 10 weird hairstyles worn by celebrities. Some who love to change their looks and hair color regularly.

1 Natalie Dormer

A haircut is one of the most popular celebrity hairstyles that has been worn by many including Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Pink and Natalie Dormer. Natalie rocked one of the weirdest and funniest haircuts on one side of her head when attending the SAG awards. The celebrity further dyed and shaved off her locks and it remains one of the weirdest hairstyles today for many celebrities.


2- Bubble gum pink pixie: Hellen Mirren

Bubble gum pixie is funny right from the color to the hairstyle itself. Helen Mirren shocked the crowds in 2013 when she made a grand appearance at the EE British Academy Film Awards in a pink bubble gum pixie.


3- Crayola Red curls: Rihanna

In 2011, Rihanna went for bold Crayola red curls. Curls are naturally beautiful, especially with less noticeable colors. However, Crayola red, strawberry and auburn hues on major curls are very funny.

4- Half shaved hairstyle: Cassie Ventura

Half shave cuts or hairstyles have become a common trend amongst many celebrities. Cassie in 2012 made a grand shave that was hard to ignore. Today, many celebrities still go for a half shave. Some even a step further to shave it all. The hairstyle is weird, funny yet bold and stunning.

5- The exaggerated pompadour: January Jones

The pompadour is one of the most elegant hairstyles you can rock to any event. However, having a slicked back exaggerated pompadour is on the extreme. January Jones took to the red carpet in 2013 with rose gold steaks in her pompadour.

6- Boho chic and grandma chic up-do: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is one of the celebrities that look best in a grandma chic or a boho-chic up-do. The trends set her apart from many celebrities because she looks gorgeous with an up-do of her choice. While these are funny hairstyles, she still rocks them to enhance her looks despite old age.

7- Blue Buns: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is a celebrity who is never afraid to experiment on any hairstyle. From the white blond hair to Blue buns with a Bindi. In 1998, Gwen attended the MTV Music Awards with an extremely funny bun. It still enhanced her looks.

8- Faux Mohawk: Jennifer Morrison

Faux Mohawk is one of the bold hairstyles you can rock to a party and get back to your normal pony the next day. It is funny, beautiful and makes a statement especially with a hair dye. Jennifer Morrison made a grand entry to the Gala awards in 2013. The hairstyle is indeed event appropriate because it is just cool.

9- Half Braided hairdo: Christina Aguilera

A half braided hairdo has been worn by many celebrities with different face types. The hairstyle is beautiful and you can do a blonde afro or a braided curl. Behind her blockbuster entertainment success, Christina Aguilera weirdly rocked this hairstyle.

10- Kristen Stewart’s Goth hairstyle

Kristen Stewart is known to be a gorgeous actress who dares any look. She is always exploring bold, funny and even weird hairstyles with makeup. Colour is not a scare for her and she rocks anything from deep brunette to shade auburn. The goth and chic buzz cut are some of the hairstyles that she rocked during her debuts. She has gone an extra mile to add blonde features and platinum tips to make her favorite hairstyle more adventurous on the red carpet.