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Jonathan Rhys Meyers wrapped up in big marijuana bust

Alki David with four time St. Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister Denzil Douglas, and Chase Ergen on the tarmac in St. Kitts.

So this is still a bit lacking in detail, but it’s already pretty wild.  So Jonathan Rhys Meyers was on a private jet with two billionaire pals, his wife and his mother in law, heading to St Kitts and all is well.

Upon landing they were stopped by customs who discovered they had nearly 5,000 cannabis plants on them!  Value was $1.3 million.

Billionaire heirs, Alki David, who’s family owns Cocoa Cola’s Greek branch and fellow heir and business partner Chase Ergen, were promptly arrested and charged with possession of and transportation of a shit tonne of weed.

Rhys wasn’t arrested, but word is his wife and mother in law were both cavity searched. Which… I mean that’s just the worst.

The two heirs were released on $30,000, but had to surrender their travel documents so they’re stuck there.

David insists the plants were bring brought over to start a legitimate CBD business, called Swiss X, which he already successfully sells in the US and elsewhere.  He counts Snoop and Donatella Versace as clients.

But the government is saying the goods are illegal to have there.

Here’s video of Ryhs on the jet before it landed talking about movie making.  Unaware of the chaos awaiting him. (credit to Dailymail!)