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Ben Still gives up subway seat and the woman goes nuts

I’ve got no reason not to assume Ben Stiller is a super chill and considerate dude. I mean other than a few rumors that he’s a monster to work for (when he directs).  So the fact that he was just riding on the New York City subway, minding his own and then graciously gave up his seat for a woman when she boarded isn’t exactly crazy.


You would have thought this woman ran into the pope. I kid you not. Even took out her rollers to be more presentable. It. is. awesome.


The footage was posted by Instagram user @willsta_gram and shared on the Subway Creatures page Wednesday. Stiller, who was wearing sunglasses, looked as if he was trying to lay low and not get noticed — but the lady wasn’t having it.

“This woman recognized @benstiller on the train and freaked out — as well as blew up his spot,” a description says.

After finding out who he was, the ecstatic Stiller fan can be seen taking rollers out of her hair and shouting from the proverbial rooftops.

“When @benstiller casually gives up his seat on the #NYC subway & then this,” said user @willsta_gram. “Made this lady’s day.”