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Ariana Grande got a giant Pokémon tattoo on her arm

Ugh.. the regret will be palpable.

Ariana Grande, who is no stranger to getting inked, just got a giant tattoo of the cute and fluffy Pokémon Eevee on her upper arm.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Grande, 25, wrote on Instagram.

When a fan on Twitter asked what games she played on her Nintendo Switch on Sunday, the “Imagine” singer responded, “honestly. yesterday i had a day off and i played pokemon let’s go eevee for fifteen hours. honestly.”

Perhaps Grande identifies with the rabbit-eared character. Eevee, while adorable, is also quite adaptable and is able to evolve into eight different Pokémon.

The body art was done by tattoo artist Kane Navasard who is based in Los Angeles.

“For the best Pokémon trainer in the game, @arianagrande,” he wrote on social media.