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Tara Reid Thrown off Delta flight from LA to NY

Tara Reid was kicked off a cross-country flight prior to takeoff after an angry outburst on Monday.

The 42-year-old actress, TMZ reports, was aboard a Delta Flight 613, which was headed from Los Angeles to New York City.  She was upset that she wasn’t next to a window and that she didn’t get a pillow.  So flight attendants attempting to calm her down, the outlet reported. 

So much side eye

The pilot of the aircraft had already progressed the plane past the gate, but decided to alter course and head back amid a customer service problem, according to the outlet.

In a clip filmed by another passenger aboard the plane, the troubled star was informed she would have to deboard the aircraft.

The petite blonde, who had a small dog with her, did not put up a fight and left without incident, according to the outlet, which noted that authorities were not summoned.

The American Pie actress, sources told TMZ, said she was irritated that she did not have a seat next to the window, as she believed she had. She was uncomfortable as the passenger in front of her was reclined, leaving her with little room.