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Demi’s team attempt to sweep out toxic friends

Demi Lovato’s team is hell-bent on getting her back to good health and keeping her there … which is why they plan to help her throw away all of her bad influences.

Sources close to Demi tell TMZ there will be a major focus on separating her from toxic people in her life once she gets out of rehab — including even a distant relative who is believed to have a negative impact on her.

Demi’s camp held a meeting this week to discuss sweeping out anyone who doesn’t have her best interests in mind … and decided any partymongers, drug users, or “yes” friends who allow her to get in harm’s way won’t be tolerated. BTW, we’re told one friend in particular is on the hit list.

Our sources say Demi will also be advised to get a new phone number and only give it out to trusted advisers and friends … and keep negative people at bay.

We broke the story … Demi’s agreed to go to rehab as soon as she’s out of the hospital and already has plans with the live-in facility set up.