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DL Hughley calls Cosby a ‘rapist’ but ‘brilliant’

DL Hughley had plenty to say about Bill Cosby.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Sunday, the stand-up comedian mentioned he had a ‘huge confrontation’ with the star many years ago over the ‘n’ word.

And DL also told host Andy Cohen that he thought Cosby was a rapist and going to jail: ‘I think he was a brilliant man but I think you can be incredibly brilliant and a rapist.’

Though the Original Kings Of Comedy member acknowledged Cosby’s influence on the genre, DL didn’t mince words about Cosby’s reported crimes against women.

‘To me, I think that he has changed comedy, I think that he was a brilliant man, but I think that you can be incredibly brilliant and a rapist,’ the Dancing With The Stars contestant said.

‘I don’t think that those things are mutually exclusive,’ he added. He then recalled a past radio interview where the duo ‘got into it’ over a number of issues.

He also felt like he shouldn’t talk to Bill.

‘I was a specific type of comedian, and Bill Cosby had a different perspective of what comedy should be,’ Hughley said.

‘And one time, I was hosting a radio show, and he called in to do press, and I didn’t wanna to do it because I was like, “I know we’re gonna get into it.”

‘And so finally, he had been so rude to the people around me that I said, “Mr. Cosby, what did you want?” He says, “Who is this?” I say, “This is DL Hughley.” He says, “DL Hughley? You say the N-word.”

‘I say, “With all due respect, I say the N-word, but nobody wakes up with their panties on backwards.” So we had this huge [confrontation].’

Asked by Andy if DL thinks the accused rapist will go to jail for his actions, he gave a definitive yes.