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Katie Holmes still together with Jamie Fox?

Many sites were chatting this weekend about what felt like the demise of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s five year

Jamie in Miami

relationship.  Almost all of which was done on the down low.

Photos from this weekend showed Katie with daughter Suri in Paris for couture week. Meanwhile Jamie was down in Miami chatting it up poolside with a sexy brunette.  Of course the talking to the brunette means nothing, were it not on the heel of a breakup rumor, so the whole scene is sort of a catch 22.

Katie’s reps were quick to dismiss speculation that they’ve split.  And according to a fellow passenger, the 39-year-old actress declared her love for Foxx as she jetted to Paris, while he partied in Miami.

‘Katie was FaceTiming Jamie after they boarded. She said she loves him and asked if he wanted ‘cookies from Paris.’ He was in Miami.’ the source told Page Six.

Katie and Suri at Fendi Couture show in Paris