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Mariah Carey’s Alarming Video Will Be Highlighted In Legal Battle

Mariah Carey‘s strange and “manic” Facebook Live video will be used in the upcoming legal battle between the singer and her former manager, Stella Bulochnikov.

Back in 2017, we reported on the bizarre video that showed Mariah in her New York City apartment talking very quickly and rambling to the camera while running around in a silk robe. (see it below)

Sources close to the situation tell The Blast that the video will be a major component of the upcoming lawsuit against the star to bolster her ex-manager’s claim that she routinely “went above and beyond to protect and guard the singer.”

At the time the video aired, fans were commenting on the strangeness of Mariah’s behavior, and Stella jumped into action and removed the video after identifying that Mariah was in a “manic” state.  She really is acting strangely. the constant movement, can’t sit still and demanding the camera be there and then angry it’s “too much darling”.

We’re told that Mariah thought she was just being “spontaneous” in the video but her whole team was shocked at her apparent condition on camera.

Even after the video was removed, and the team tried to reason with her about her well-being, we are told that Mariah still thought “it was a good video and promotion.”