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Lindsay Lohan the new face of lol!

As a young actress she had more than her fair share of brushes with the law.

But Lindsay Lohan is turning her past wild behavior into a positive, as the new face of

The Mean Girls star pokes fun at herself in an advert promoting the free legal resource, in which she directs her fans to seek advice from the site.

Talking to camera, the poised and professional redhead tells viewers: ‘When first reached out to me I was confused and a little worried as I thought I was in trouble.’

But Freaky Friday star Lindsay soon came to see the value of the site, which matches those in need with a local lawyer.

She tells her fans: ‘I realized is just about helping people, from getting a DUI… let’s not pretend like I didn’t get one… or two or three, or some others.’

Check it out: