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Stephen Colbert’s touching gift for David Letterman

On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert stopped by the Howard Stern show and faced the man many call the best interviewer in the game right now (NYTimes words) and shared some interesting tidbits about work and home.

Colbert started by giving a couple light jabs at Trump, of course. He said Trump’s twitter makes it seem like “he’s writing his own fan fiction” lol. That’s fun.

He admitted that when he gets home each night he makes himself a single Old Fashioned (a whiskey drink) to unwind, but he’s also not above a little edible marijuana to help him sleep at night.  Which caught me completely off guard.

Then later Colbert recalled the day he was to have his first show in the old Ed Sullivan Theater.  He spent a good 20 minutes standing in various spots around the stage to find his personal sweet spot and when he did, he looked down to find a faded red mark on the floor.  This had also been where Dave stood. Which made sense, since it felt right to him as well.

As a long admirer of Letterman’s, he had the large tile with the tiny red mark removed and then framed and he placed it in his office.  Anyone who came in was asked what they thought it was and none could figure it out. So a year later he hard the frame wrapped up and mailed the Letterman with the note “No one I show this to can tell what it is. I think you’ll know and I think you should have it.”

I love Stephen Colbert.


TIL: Before Colberts first show in the Ed Sullivan theater he was trying out”spots” to monologue from, he finally found a spot, he looked down and saw a faded red dot. This had also been Lettermans spot. So he had the tile removed and framed and in his office.  No one could guess what it was. After a year he sent it to Dave with a note “No one who see this knows what it is, but I think you will and I think you should have it.”