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Kim K’s not into material things anymore

Kim Kardashian was talking about the pros and cons of fame at the Create & Cultivate conference on Saturday and said the lack of privacy sucks. Which, of course, is her own doing, but let us not digress…  specifically “When I just look like s–t and want to go outside and eat a churro and not have anyone up my ass”.

Despite having little privacy, the mom of three confessed to loving the “free s–t” that comes with being a bonafide celebrity.

“No, the free trips,” she added. “Free trips, free planes, free everything. I do love to share. When I get free stuff, I give it to literally everyone, family, friends.”

For her, the trips are a bit more special. “Trips are usually what I do for gifts now,” Kardashian said. “Material things don’t make me happy anymore, but experiences do. For my birthday, my husband [Kanye West] took me away to Utah to this hotel for two days and we slept the entire time. I think that was so much fun, and everyone just mentally needs to take a break.”