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Overboard Trailer Released!

Some how I missed that a remake was being made of one of my favorite stupid movies ever. Overboard.

The movie about a spoiled rich woman (Goldie Hawn) who treats the hired help (Kurt Russell) like shit and then one day falls “overboard” of her yacht and washes ashore with no memory.  Kurts character takes her in telling her she’s his wife and makes her his slave.  (comedy, trust me).

So the remake stars Anna Faris in the Kurt role with Eugenio Derbez taking the place of Goldie Hawn. In this version, a spoiled, wealthy yacht owner (Derbez) is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee (Faris). How did this man become wealthy enough to own a yacht? It’s totally unclear. But based on this trailer, it looks like he’s just a rich jerk who has always been rich.

It’s not looking real good, though.  It’s hard to take a movie that most people don’t admit to loving and remake it with any success. We’ll see.