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Nathan Lane tells his own Weinstein story….

Actor Nathan Lane says embattled movie exec Harvey Weinstein attacked him during a birthday party for Hillary Clinton 17 years ago.

Weinstein, a notorious Democratic booster who was recently accused of sexually harassing several actresses and assistants over the past three decades, threw the fete for Clinton’s 53rd birthday in 2000 — but he also tossed emcee Lane against a wall for a joke the actor made onstage about Rudy Giuliani’s comb-over, the Broadway and film star said.

“This is my f–king show, we don’t need you,” Weinstein reportedly raged at Lane.

But the self-deprecating comedian — known for big-screen roles in “The Lion King,” “The Producers” and “The Birdcage” — had a retort locked and loaded.

‘You can’t hurt me, I don’t have a film career,’ Lane quipped back at Weinstein, the actor recalled during an interview at the New Yorker Festival on Saturday night.

A bombshell report Thursday said Weinstein harassed several actresses including Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd — and paid off at least eight women to settle complaints about his lewd behavior.