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Alicia Silverstone Surprises fans at ‘Clueless’ showing

At the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles they play movies on giant screens while locals chill on blankets among the gravestones.  It’s less creepy than you might think. This weekend the were showing one of the greatest movies, like… ever. ‘Clueless’ with Alicia Silverstone.

And this weekend the folks sharing the film with the dead were treated to a total geek out moment when Silverstone showed up to the screening! And what’s more, so did Breckin Meyer. They played Cher and Travis, respectively, of course.

Silverstone stood before the screen and introduced the movie, and while she told the crowd that she hoped they would enjoy it, they shouted back “Clueless” catchphrases for her to repeat.

“As if!” members of the audience yelled.

“You’re going to hear it in a second. You don’t need me to say it,” she told them before offering up a sample. “Whatever!”

The actress was accompanied by their 6-year-old son, Bear Blu