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Chris Kattan says “DWTS” is unfair 2017-04-14 11-19-31

So Chris Kattan, who should really just be thrilled theirs a camera in his face again, is complaining that Dancing with the Stars is unfair. Why? Because he can’t dance as well as the other people.

“There is an unfairness to the fact that when you have someone like Simone Biles,” the actor, who was eliminated in the first round of the current season, told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m not as good of a dancer.”

He added that he and fellow contestant Charo have different moves, but neither of them can move like Biles.

Charo, a 66-year-old flamenco guitarist, was rumored to have threatened to leave the show over “unfair scoring.”

“She was telling producers that she doesn’t like how they’re underscoring her and she feels like she’s been treated so badly so she was threatening to quit,” a source told E! last month. Charo was eliminated in the competition’s second week.

Kattan, 46, suggests that all contestants should come in with no dancing experience or the judges should “acknowledge the fact that this person doesn’t have experience and this person does and give them the benefit of the doubt.”