Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Take My Money: Lego Edition

Design studio nimuno has come up with a LEGO compatible tape that turns everyday surfaces into toy brick building bases.   nimuno ‘loops’ are flexible and cuttable, and feature re-useable adhesive backing, creating plenty of potential for play and passing time. users can build around wall corners, on curved surfaces, kitchen counters, or even onto the ends of other LEGO objects — the possibilities are endless.

The groups funding page has long surpassed it’s goal of $8,000 (at post it was at $1,033,000), but you can still reserve a roll. Or just wait till they’re in every store in town. Either way the product has a July 2017 release date.  I want in.

LEGO-tape-nimuno-designboom-03 LEGO-tape-nimuno-designboom-08