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Scarlett Johansson Is Getting Divorced


Scarlett Johansson has kept a pretty low profile as of late. Sure, she’s still doing movies here and there, but she’s been out of the ~*spotlight*~ of Hollywood for a while since she moved to Paris to chill with her French husband Romain Dauriac and their kid. The blissful arrangement lasted only about two years, however, and Scarlett has now decided to file for divorce. Womp womp.

Apparently they’ve been separated since last summer, but people got all up in their feelings over the fact that ScarJo’s lawyer, Judith Poller, served the papers to Romain’s lawyer’s instead of it being done between the two of them. Now, ScarJo’s people have had to come out and insist that it wasn’t a malicious move – it’s just how things are done.

From People:

“Under the law in NYC, the filing of an action for divorce is merely procedural,” the insider says. “No request for a judge was requested. While her lawyer did request that Scarlett get residential custody, again, for procedural purposes, they preserved all rights she had if they didn’t resolve the case. It wasn’t a secret that the parties were separated. So filing for divorce is no big deal. This is not a hostile act by Scarlett.”

Romain’s none too pleased that ScarJo wants to put an end to their union and he’s released a public statement basically trying to use their 2-year-old daughter Rose Dorothy as a tool of manipulation, which is bullshit and even more reason for Scarlett to get rid of his corny ass.

“It is indeed unfortunate, especially for our daughter, that Scarlett filed in Court and made our personal differences so public,” the journalist and art collector said in a statement. “I would implore her to withdraw her action promptly and go back, as uncomfortable as it might be, to the negotiating table. We are the parents of a lovely daughter whom we will continue to co-parent for many years and share her joys and sorrows as only a parent can.”

Ugh, boy, bye.