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Beyonce Grammy Barbie is AMAZING

This is serious, Y’all.  This doll has been sent to us from above to solve the worlds problems. Preferably from a high shelf where your damn kids can’t get at it like it’s a god damn toy.

Marcus Vinícius da Silva Bernardo, a 47-year-old sculptor in Brazil who goes by Marcus Baby, has created dolls that look like tons of different celebrities, but it’s his magical capturing of the queen bey that has the attention of Evilbeet.

Feast your eyes on this, bitches!!! 2017-03-07 23-33-03


He even poses the birthgiver as walking, hands in the air as though she just could not care, uterus enveloped in her brown baby box. 2017-03-07 23-34-18


The man’s talents are obvious, but as I do not speak Portuguese I can’t possibly tell you how or even if he has plans to sell the divine dolls on his main site.  Sure, I could translate it on Chrome and try and figure it out, but I’m pretty busy, so do that on your own time.

But seriously check out a few of the favs we picked out, because there’s a lot to love here.  Even if his choices are some of the most random shit I’ve seen.