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Trump Kills Spirit of Cannabis Cup

President Trump’s promise to get tough on marijuana is harshing the mellow at a famous cannabis festival in Las Vegas, which is suddenly abiding by federal laws — meaning no one can get stoned.

Organizers for this year’s High Times Cannabis Cup — which kicks off in downloadMarch — tell TMZ that pot wont be allowed at the event this year, and that goes for headliners Ludacris, Chief Keef and Cypress Hill’s B-Real too.  And come on. Chief and B-Real aren’t playing along with those rules.

Even though recreational weed is legal in Nevada,  the feds informed the Moapa Paiute Tribe, who own the land where the event is going down, that federal law prohibits transport, possession, use or distribution of marijuana.  So I don’t even get the point of having the event anymore. Other than to tell “the man” that you can’t be shut down. I guess.

The threat seems clear: We’ll be watching. Plus, White House press secretary Sean Spicer recently said point-blank they’d be cracking down on weed.