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Fan edits bands wiki page to get backstage

I really love this. So this kid, Adam Boyd, from England was out with his ‘mates’ seeing a band called The Sherlocks.   He decided his seats weren’t up to his standards and plotted a plan to get backstage.

“We were all the way at the back near the bar and I wanted to see them closer,” Adam says. “Everyone on the top balcony was looking all smug, so I just went for it.”

His friends weren’t down with the plan, but he went for it anyway.  Changing the band’s Wikipedia page to say that he was the cousin of lead vocalist Kiaran Cook.

“That was the only thing I could think of that I had any kind of control over, because anyone can edit Wikipedia.”  And the bouncer, who should be stripped of his meagre title,  fell for it and let him through.  (see wiki post below)



He says the band’s aware of his shenanigans and don’t seem to care.  “They’ve not mentioned anything on any of their social media pages, but someone tagged all four of the band members on my status and I think one or two of them liked that.”

But the band reached out to BBC, saying “Fair play to the lad, we found it very funny and he put some good thought into it. Even funnier that his plan worked. Good effort!”