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Angie Jolie eating a spider is as gross as you think

Even the gorgeous Angelina Jolie can’t make eating a giant hairy spider look good.

Angie and the kids were in Cambodia for  the screening of First They Killed My Father, a tr022017-angelina-jolie-spider-primary-1ue-life account of the Khmer Rouge genocide through the eyes of a child.  Eldest son Maddox is from
Cambodia, so Angie and the kids are frequent visitors and apparently not at all squeamish about local cuisine.

So check out this video of Angelina cooking up some tarantula sized spiders and eating them. And even the kids…. Shiloh actually excited to get her hands on some.

An excerpt? “First you want to remove the fangs.”

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.