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Blac Chyna Posts Family Photo With Kids Dream & King — Without Rob Kardashian


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have more relationship drama than The Bachelor, but they’re apparently still together. That’s why it’s a little perplexing that he was mysteriously missing from a new family snapshot Chyna posted on her Instagram last night with her kids King and Dream.

I must say, the kids are cute as hell. I must also say that I’m pretty sure Chyna is basically a single parent, because Rob is in no way stable enough to look after a child, if how he behaved during her pregnancy is anything to go by (not to mention all his behavior over the past several years). That’s not to say that Chyna is some kind of saint, but she has always seemed like a dedicated and hands-on mother. I suppose Rob has the money to “look after” the baby in other ways, so whatever.