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Robin Thicke Accused Of Abuse & Addiction As Paula Patton Seeks Restraining Order

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Paula Patton left Robin Thicke‘s petty, immature, cheating ass back in 2015 and thankfully their divorce was finalized not long after. However, their issues are far from over, as they’re now embroiled in a pretty ugly custody battle over their young child — a battle which has gotten so heated and out of control, Paula had to apply for a temporary restraining order to keep Robin away from herself and their 6-year-old son Julian – and her application was granted.

In the application, Paula accused Robin of substance abuse issues (duh), infidelity (duh again) and physical and emotional abuse (unproven but not hard to imagine), though of course his lawyer has tacitly denied all of the accusations, with his lawyer releasing a statement to People, which read:

“Paula never reported any domestic violence until she was in a position of contempt by violating the custody orders. DCFS asked both Paula and Robin to drug test. Robin agreed and submitted to his test, but Paula refused to test. Infidelity has nothing to do with custody. She is attempting to throw anything at him to hurt him, but Robin’s focus is their son.”

If you want more details on the particulars of his alleged abuse, click through to the People article listed above, as it goes into a LOT of it, with various scenarios which Paula claims took place stemming back to 2013.

Hopefully, this gets ironed out soon for the sake of their child. Kids are always the ones who get hurt the most in these situations, and the last thing he needs to be involved in is this kind of mess, especially since his parents are both in the public eye. Keep it civil and keep it private.